Blind Virtual Assistants is the Kosovo, Albanian dhe North Macedonian’s leading supplier and Master Distributor of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties. We supply the tools to enable those who are fully or partially blind to live life to the maximum.

Working in unison with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises, we help our users fully realise their potential. Our product solutions have been specifically designed to improve quality of life at work, at study or in the home.

Our specialist trainers are all fully accredited in each of the software titles that they support, allowing us to offer a personalised service to each of our customers and to assist them in their day-to-day activities.

Blind Virtual Assistants is a region wide company with offices located in Prishtina, in Skopje and Tirana. This enables us to be closer to our customers, be responsive and offering training and support at a location that is convenient to them and we work in conjunction with our customers and suppliers to ensure that their experiences are factored into new products that we develop in combination with our partners, the leading companies in this industry.

We help employers meet their legal obligations, advise on the best accessible technology solutions available and provide consultation on how reasonable adjustments can be made. We work with employers and employees, providing training and technical support to both the end user and technical support teams.

Here at Blind Virtual Assistants we strive to provide the best solution and support to improve the lives of those who have a sensory or age related disability.

Life for us began as a computer scientist mainframe maintainer, but we soon became interested in the technology that was developing for those with visual impairment.

Today, we are the leading player in a highly specialised market. We look after over 39,500 customers, and now many with age related disability, where our technology is changing lives.

The world of technology moves ever faster and we bring the newest innovations to people Balkan wide and we take the time to make sure that they understand how to use the technology and know where we are when things go wrong, which, as we all know with technology, happens.

Our trained staff visit users in their home or workplace and provide lifetime support on the life-enhancing products that they purchase through us.

We are proud of our heritage and being at the centre of the Balkan’s assistive technology industry. As we diversify into wider fields and use deep skills and experience of technology for the disabled, we look forward to continuing our innovative, caring approach for many years to come.

We operate in the most demanding areas of disability and provide design, technology, implementation, training and support services to the highest level of competency to tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and education organisations.

Physical and other sensory disability

Physical and Motor disability ranges from RSI to impaired limbs and partial or complete paralysis. Our technology and support helps sufferers improve the quality of their life and achieve personal or employment goals.

We sell to:

Individuals   – Charities  – Central – Government  – Local Government – Schools
Universities – Large multi-nationals – Corporates – SMEs – Sole Traders
At work, At home, On the move, At school.

We help employers meet their legal obligations, and advise on web accessibility across a wide range of corporate sectors in cooperation with

With our sister companies and we provide innovative mobile and wireless solutions for the emerging Telecare and Telehealth markets.

As the Balkan’s leading provider of hardware and software to the blind and visually impaired, we work with you from initial assessment through to lifetime support. Blind Assistive Technology is truly the one-stop-shop for all your assistive technology needs.

Undertaking audits of existing solutions, assessing your needs and building the bespoke solution to meet your specific requirements.

Full-time certified trainers to provide both basic and advanced instruction for today’s most popular Microsoft applications. Delivered to groups or on a one-to-one basis. We will tailor training to meet your specific requirements, providing advice, support and training.

Many organisations run their own bespoke software programmes; we can customise our assistive technology software to allow our customers to use these specialist programmes and we also have our IT teams to support assistive technology on more complex networks. We offer custom script writing services to ensure your company’s bespoke applications work with access technology.

Lifetime telephone support during normal working hours, customers can also benefit from our online technical support via email.

To give companies peace of mind we offer extended warranties (up to five years) in addition to the manufacturers standard warranties.


Understanding the real need for assistive technology is paramount. We review what you have, we assess in order to help you decide what you need and we design a best in class solution.


The real value of Assistive Technology is derived when the user has the knowledge and confidence to use the product without a second thought. We provide helpdesk support, remote connect and a range of support plans that ensure your organisation and user makes the most of their assistive technology purchase from Blind Virtual Assistants.