How well are you supporting your low vision clients?
Do you know where to direct those with a visual impairment when corrective lenses are no longer suitable?

With a variety of different channels to direct low vision clients to, it can sometimes be difficult to decide the best route to take to ensure they get the best possible solution. The Blind Assistive Technology CET course will help you understand how you can better support these clients by learning about the technology solutions available to those with low vision.

With the opportunity to increase sales, broaden your knowledge and gain 3 interactive CET points, what are you waiting for?

Our 1 hour CET course is specifically designed as an introduction to the technology solutions available to those with low vision, and how these devices and software can be used to improve quality of life. Working around 4 different scenarios, you will get the opportunity to learn more about the solutions we provide, see life through your patients’ eyes and recommend the products most suited to each condition.

Blind Assistive Technology is the Balkan’s leading provider of solutions to the blind, partially sighted and those with learning and reading difficulties. Having supported customers for over 8 years, we work alongside private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises to help our users unleash their full potential.

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