How to Apply

You can apply for an Access to Work project online on When you apply, the Department for Work will contact you.

On submission of an application Disability ManPower (DMP) will refer you for an assessment depending where you are. The company responsible for assessments is Disability Manpower,

What Happens Next?

Once approved from government that you can help from them to be recruited for a new job, the DMP is then responsible for arranging the support.

Access to Work projected can prepare you 100 per cent with help of assistive technology and the discipline required for the job.

Support workers;
Fares to work;
Communicator support at interview.
If the individual has been employed in a job for more than six weeks and needs special equipment and/or adaptations to premises, then the Blind Assistive Technology will help to prepare a report with Aids needed and present it for the employment department.