Connect 12- Smart portable HD magnifier, 10X distance viewing


A smart, ultra-portable magnifier for the connected classroom

Connect 12 is a high-performance 12-inch digital magnifier with the functionality, connectivity and versatility of an Android tablet. Equipped with HumanWare’s Prodigi software, it provides the tools necessary for academic and professional success for people living with partial vision or vision loss. It offers up to 24X live HD magnification with smart LED lighting. With its lightweight and sturdy stand, the Connect 12 is easily foldable and highly portable.

Tablet upgrades are available for Connect 12!

How does this product change your life?

More than a magnifier, the recently upgraded Connect 12 is designed to move seamlessly with you through daily life and allow you to stay connected at all times, in class, at work, or on the go.

This versatile device offers a perfect blend of portable functionality with all the powerful features of a high-definition, 12-inch Android tablet. Delivering crisp, clear images, exceptionally accurate optical character recognition (OCR), and superior sounding text-to-speech (TTS) to assist with reading tasks – Connect 12’s Prodigi software also provides access to online books, study skills tools like notes and highlighters, and three calculators to aid the completion of any task at hand. In addition, opening the Android operating system brings the world of productivity tools like Google Suite or Microsoft 365 and your favorite apps from the Google Play Store to your fingertips.

Extend the use of Connect 12 with our large-print, Bluetooth keyboard and optional 10x or 25x external cameras that support distance viewing. Together, they create a powerful, full-featured device for active people at work or home.