Hable One


Product Description

The easiest Braille keyboard for your smartphone and tablet.

Use your phone more efficiently and easily in any situation. The Hable One is the smallest braille keyboard for your phone. It has six braille buttons with two additional function keys for typing and intuitive operation of VoiceOver or TalkBack. Connect to any phone via Bluetooth.

The Hable One is really something for you in the following cases:

  • You are relatively fast with navigating through your phone, but typing takes a lot of time and is frustrating because of the many typing errors.
  • You run into difficulties controlling VoiceOver or TalkBack because of the many swiping movements.
  • You’re on the go a lot and don’t want to lug around a big keyboard or use dictation all the time.
  • You are learning Braille or are a Braille fan.
  • When you use the braille input on the iPhone, you make a lot of mistakes.