KOBA Vision ZoomCam Speech Portable Camera Solution with Speech


Professional portable and discrete camera solution with speech for use at work, school or home.

  • Compact and portable
  • Magnify with sharp and vivid Full HD images
  • Text to speech to read-out text on the screen without additional software
  • Sets up quickly
  • Reading and distance camera
  • Plug and Play via computer, screen and tablet

ZoomCam Speech is a professional transportable video magnifier with speech which can be used anywhere in combination with a computer, screen or tablet. Ideal for magnifying text and for listening at newspapers and books but also for looking at pictures and objects. ZoomCam is a discrete solution which looks like a desk lamp. It sets up quickly, is compact and easy to use. No additional software has to be installed for viewing the image or for reading aloud, just plug it in and start using ZoomCam Speech.