Visio 24

When your eyesight begins to fail and your glasses are no longer enough, reading can become a tremendous challenge. This is where the VISIO 24 comes in, helping you retain that all important independence. The VISIO 24 provides extra magnification with a crisp, clear picture so you can lead a normal life again. VISIO 24 magnifies printed texts but also photos and other objects in full colour or contrasting colours if desired.

Arguments that speak for Visio 24:

  • 24 flat-panel monitor
  • razor-sharp display
  • height-adjustable monitor
  • 2MP / 1080p Full HD
  • Color temperature adjustable
  • Reading line and reading curtain
  • noble aluminum look in timeless elegance
  • intuitively operated and functionally designed buttons
  • Intuitively operated buttons with clear markings
  • Easy to use – Switch-on and go
  • Complete standard functionality
  • Crisp, clear picture at the press of a button

Retain your daily independence with the VISIO 24!

The VISIO 24 offers you all the functions that a modern screen reader must have. Use the rotary control to determine the magnification; the VISIO 24 takes over the display at the push of a button. Using simple and easy-to-use function keys, you can change the image and text display according to your requirements. The large cross table supports you in line guidance for easier reading. There is enough space between the cross table and the camera to easily turn pages.