Portable video magnifier


The explorē 12 is one of the most popular electronic portable magnifiers on the market for anyone living with low vision or sight loss. It is an easy-to-use, smart video magnifier that offers HD image quality for improved near and distance reading and viewing. The 12-inch touchscreen makes it the largest portable magnifier in our explorē series. It provides the added benefit of a foldable stand enabling easy use for reading, writing, and other manual tasks. This video magnifier is perfect for anyone needing extra help seeing things up close.

explorē 12 includes essential and easy-to-use tools to address low vision or vision loss needs, regardless of your age. With superior magnification, this tablet allows you to continue daily activities like reading and viewing photos or maps and maintain productivity in your work or classroom environment.

When used with its foldable stand, explorē 12 rises above the table, giving plenty of writing room. The touchscreen’s zoom-in and pan functions also allow you to read without moving your documents. In addition, its lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go use, facilitating your active and mobile lifestyle.