Custom made

Since we develop and manufacture all of our Gorlo & Todt keyboards in-house, individual change requests can of course also be taken into account for almost all keyboards.
These changes can sometimes be implemented with little effort (e.g. in the case of key assignment changes) or can also be very extensive (e.g. in the case of completely custom-made products with a special housing).

Here are just a few examples of custom-made products.

2 split keyboard type Hera on the left, on a stand, equipped with 16 mm keys, but with number field on the right side, with mini trackball.

Large-field keyboard on the right, type Jumbomini, without number field, additionally equipped with a cover plate for extended finger guidance.

2 split keyboard type Zeus on the left, equipped with 18 mm keys, left side with palm rest, right side without palm rest but with sloping wedge base.

Overview of the various keycaps and inscriptions on our Gorlo&Todt keyboards.

Detailed view of the right side of the type 2 split keyboard type Zeus on the left.

One-hand keyboard, type Zeus French, also equipped with a green cover plate.

Large field keyboard special lettering