The Alarm Clock for the Deaf-Blind.

Helen provides new impulses. The newest Bones product makes life a lot easier for deaf-blind people, by waking them up in the morning, informing them about the current time of day and reminding them of upcoming events. This is especially helpful while commuting or during a busy day at home. Helen doesn’t rely on fiddly pointers, but features easy to use, large and tactile buttons instead. Deaf-blind individuals get notified by vibration signals, which tell them the time and inform them about events, depending on how the user configured the device. Helen empowers its users and makes them more independent, allowing them to set their own timers and alarms to suit their daily routine. Apart from vibration impulses, a speech function can also be activated, to communicate more easily with caregivers and teachers. An external vibration cushion for the alarm function is also included. By connecting it with the Helen-device, the resulting vibrations become a lot stronger and are capable of waking up even the most hardened sleepyheads. With its large buttons and credit-card-size, Helen is the perfect companion for deaf-blind people and fits right into any pocket.

The device is named after Helen Keller, who inspired us and millions of other people, by earning her University degree in the early 20th century, despite facing countless adversities due to her deaf-blindness.