Fame by Vistac GmbH

The Color Reader.

Life is colorful with Fame! The precise color reader for Milestone 312 Ace and 212 Ace has a high quality detector, which reads up to 400 colors and nuances. As soon as the color reader is put on top of Milestone it reads the color of almost any object. For example, Fame makes sure you are not wearing the embarrassing colorful unicorn cardigan you’ve received from your sister but make a great first impression in your chic black sweater at tonight’s date. But Fame is more than just a good color reader: It also contains a color comparison function, very useful to sort socks. Fame’s light detector reports you if there is light in a room and where it is located. And finally, Fame is a structure reader as well. So you can scan over a piece of paper and as soon as there is some writing or other structure, Fame reports that. The handling is done via Milestone and is as simple as you know it.

Particular strengths of Fame are:

  • Clear output, which waives fantasy names like heather violet or vermilion and instead works with easily understandable attributes like „pale light blue“ or „strong dark red with a tendency towards brown“.
  • Shiny and reflective surfaces can be read, as well as matt or slightly transparent ones.
  • Reliable and reproducible measures!

Fame is produced and distributed by Vistac GmbH in Germany. More information you will find here.