The Shopping Assistant.

Tomato sauce or dog food? Woodscan knows it. The barcode reader for Milestone 312 Ace tells you the product name and further product information of more than 60 million products simply by reading its barcode. The powerful laser scanner enables very fast detection of the products, even those with small barcodes. With its wide reading range, Woodscan is the ideal shopping help for blind and visually impaired users. But Woodscan does not only assist you to buy your groceries. It is a great device to organize your household and workplace too. And in the rare case that there is no bar code imprinted on an object you simply label it with one of the provided barcode stickers and describe it with a voice record. In addition, you have the possibility to add information with a voice record to any existing product. For example, you can add the shopping date of the Black Forest cake with extra chocolate sprinkles, which you’ve just bought.

Woodscan summarized:

  • Powerful laser scanner, with wide reading range.
  • Information output via strong Milestone 312 Ace speaker or headphone.
  • Huge database, frequently updated and extendable by user.
  • Small in size and weight, simple handling, just plug and play.
  • More than just a barcode reader: The package contains a Milestone 312 Ace, which is a music and text player, voice recorder, book reader, radio, alarm clock, calendar and much more.