Footprinter keyboards

Due to the larger distance between the keys compared to a conventional keyboard, it is very suitable for people with deformities of the extremities (dysmelia such as thickened fingers) and foot typists.

This type of keyboard can also be used by people with slight motor dysfunctions, e.g. B. tremors or spastic paralysis and for finger / headstick users.

G&T—Mercury 1


The special keyboards type Apollon and Mercurius are available in versions with or without a numeric keypad.
The main difference between the Mercurius and Apollon types is the use of different keys and key spacing.
Both devices are also available with extra-large lettering for the visually impaired ( black engraving on a light-colored key cap ).
The Mercurius type is also available with extra-large, visually impaired labeling with white engraving on a black key cap ( inverse ).